Monday, 28 June 2010

Diane Abbot [4]

Diane Abbott is taxi riding, racist, nuclear disarming, ideas above her station,
fat, ugly, squirming on the sofa, eye rolling whenever she tells a lie,
not answering questions, Andrew Neil hating cunt.
Nominated by Dioclese & Captain Haddock

Prince of Wales [2]

Prince Charles is a jugged eared, adulterous, nauseating,
tree hugging, interfering, Qatari loving,
please-God-not-King-fucking-Charles-III, cunt.
Nominated by Dioclese

James Corden

James Corden is an utterly unfunny, pointless,
get off my telly you talentless fuckwit of a fat cunt, cunt.
Nominated by G.O.T. & Norman Spack M.D.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Vera Baird

Vera Baird is an arrogant, useless, ugly, dim fucker of a cunt.
Nominated by Captain Haddock

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Andy Murray [3]

Andy Murray is a boring, sulky, petulant, immature, tennis playing cunt.
Nominated by Dioclese


Wiggers are white chavs who try to speak like niggers, the cunts.
Day is one on dat Peckham Finishin' Skool, innit, blud?

Neil Lees

Neil Lees is a New Labour quango operating, Communist,
S.W.P. supporting, four stone wringing wet twat,
and all round cunt of the highest order, the cunt

Darlows Estate Agents

Darlows Estate Agents are even more of a bunch of cunts
than any estate agents have the right to be, the cunts
Nominated by Paul Goddard

Saturday, 19 June 2010

England Football Team

The England football team are overpaid useless cunts.
Nominated by Dazed And Confused

Labour Leadership Candidates

The candidates for the Labour leadership are all cunts.

Nominated by each other in the Comments on this post.

Jo Brand [2]

Jo Brand is a foul mouthed, fat, ugly, unfunny cunt.

Nominated by Donna
Seconded by killemallletgodsortemout

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Vuvuzela Horns

Vuvuzela Horn blowers are stop blowing those fucking horns
and learn how to chant, cunts.
Nominated by Ruda Malpa

Terry Kelly [2]

Councillor Terry Kelly is an obese, loathsome, incompetent, stupid,
far left Trot, Socialist moron, attempting to hide his considerable bulk,
by posing as a New Labour fuckwit, cunt.
Nominated by Dazed and Confused

Urban Foxes

Ooops, sorry, wrong urban foxes ..... try this one ......

Urban Foxes are "They've eaten my baibeees", cunts want shootin', cunts
Nominated by Banned

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones is an untalented with big teeth and tits,
CBE for servicing Michael Douglas, cunt
Nominated by Dioclese

Tony Hayward

Tony Hayward is a BP CEO slick cunt.
Nominated by Dioclese

Unite Union

Unite Union members are rather back radical muslims
over our own Army, without realising it, blind cunts.
Nominated by Caz

Mark Steel [2]

Mark Steel is a a true communist,
entertaining the striking Unite cunts last week, cunt
Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Monday, 14 June 2010

BBC World Cup Pundits

The BBC World Cup Pundits are all cunts.

Kirsty Wark

Kirsty Wark is a slurring, big breasted, Labour cock sucking cunt. .

Alan Hansen

Alan Hansen is a miserable, know-nothing, BBC cock-sucking,
washed up has been, Kirsty Wark soundalike,
incomprehensible, depressing, scotch cunt.

Diane Abbot [3]

Diane Abbott is a token, no-hoper, thick-as-shite, "pity nominee" cunt.
Nominated by Tweed

Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales is follow the Islamic way
and save the World urging cunt.
Nominated by Captain Haddock

Big Brother Contestants

The new Big Brother contestants will inevitably turn out to be
vapid, attention-seeking, headline-grabbing, useless, highest grade cunts
Nominated by Grim Reaper

Brian Cowen

Brian Cowen is a country-bankrupting, spluttering cunt..
Nominated by Grim Reaper

Bishop of Blackburn

The Bishop of Blackburn is a not practising what he preaches,
right reverend cunt
Nominated by Norman Spack MD

Kerry McCarthy [5]

Kerry McCarthy is a halfwit, racist cunt
Nominated by Dazed & Confused

Arthur Scargill

Arthur Scargill is a hateful, greedy, shitbag of a cunt.
Nominated by Brickbat

Gordon Brown[9]

Gordon Brown is a small-minded, thick, ignorant, vindictive,
sneaky, salary-cutting, spiteful cunt.
Nominated by Barking Spider

Saturday, 5 June 2010

BBC [9]

The BBC are all cunts.
Nominated by HeadsonPoles

Barack Obama [6]

Barack Obama is still a total "I'm not a Muslim",
 MacArtneyite of a cunt.
Nominated by LSP

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is an overexposed, multimillionaire
kitchen nightmare of a cunt.
Nominated by LSP

Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood is an annoying, World Cup advertising,
faux ghetto, whining cunt.
Nominated by HeadsonPoles

Iain Dale [4]

Iain Dale is an anything done by a homo cunt, defending cunt.
Nominated by Houdini

John Prescott [3]

John Prescott is a pork pie eating, carbon belching, womanising,
voter punching, egg dodging, Baron of Melton Mowbray cunt.
Nominated by Dioclese

Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello is a pompous, overpaid, no-hope-of-winning the
World Cup cunt with a surname that sounds like the Spanish for cunt, cunt
Nominated by Dioclese

David Laws

David Laws is a thieving his way through the public purse,
Lib Dem shirt lifting cunt.
Nominated by Blind Pugh