Sunday, 15 January 2012

Anthony Worrall Thompson

Anthony Worrall Thompson is a short arse, stroppy, shoplifting celebrity chef of a cunt.

Getting his vicarious kicks from nicking cheese and wine at the self service checkout by not scanning it and walking out without paying when he can easily afford it. At least the cunt had the good grace to thieve from Tesco who are the biggest rip off merchant cunts going.

Apart from Waitrose!

Nominated by Occam's Razor

Alex Salmond [4]

Alex Fucking Salmond, is a little Fat obnoxious cocksucking smug Bastard type of Cunt.
A jumped up short arsed pie eating fucker who has the audacity to dictate to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Fuck right off you useless Nationalistic fake smily faced prick and take all your dole scrounging fried Mars Bar eating jocktastic fuckwitts with you.

Bunch of smelly unwashed thick as fuck animal shagging SNP Cunts.


Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton...

Where to be begin with this arrogant, self-centered, immature, peodaphilic, war-profiteering cunt. She is all over the fucking radio, the fucking tv, fucking youtube not to mention Holly Willoughby's (probably) over-sized labia (now theres a thought). What does this ill-informed cunt know about music?

She is a coldplay loving, Jay-Z loving, Keisha loving, Tiny fucking tempa or whatever loving (he's another cunt) CUNT.

Nominated by Fat Prick

Joe Swash

That cockney nonentity Joe Swash could do with a right good cunting - on the grounds of being an irritating little shit, all over the place like dog muck, and having the high pitched whine of a no-ball cunt.

Nominated by stressed to fkn haemorrhage point

Binyam Mohamed

Binyam Mohamed, another fucking useless,workshy, benefit scrounging, Muslim Shitpot Cunt sueing the UK with Legal Aid (Of course) because he was arrested and kicked to fuck by the Pakistan authorities.

Thats what happens when you fuck off to Afghanistan and fight for the Taleban you rag headed bastard. Meanwhile he sells his story, scores our tax payers money whilst sitting on his fucking arse and waits for the payout. Shame he was offed in Guantanamo Bay by the Yanks. Send the Bastard back to Afghanistan.

The Fucking Cunt.


Kimberley Hainey

Child murdering cunt Kimberley Hainey.

This septic haemorroid on the sphincter of humanity partook in Jockland's favourite pastimes of recreational heroin use and living in squalor. After killing her son through neglect she left the poor cunt's corpse to mummify for 8 months. 15 years fucking years for this atrocity? I'd prefer 6 feet of twisted natural fibre tied in a noose round her fucking fat cunt neck!

Total Scunt.

Nominated by Occam's Razor

Nicola Sturgeon [2]

Nicholas Sturgeon is one weird looking cunt isn't he...what do you mean he's a woman...eurgh!

Nominated by Anonymous

Michael Gove [2]

Micheal Gove is the king of the cunts. Need I say more. Thinks that teachers have it easy, when he is an MP, the cunt. He stayed at a hotel which cost per night £500, and guess what the absolute prick did, made us pay for it. Stop fucking up our education system, and making children (children!) work longer hours and getting less holiday, and do some cunting work yourself. Micheal Gove, King of the cunts.

Nominated by Franky D

Alex Salmond [3]

Alex fucking Salmond again for comparing Shitland's independence bid to the Troubles in Ireland! Can this fat sallow faced dangleberry in the arse crack of humanity make himself even more of a cunt this year?! Its only fucking January so probably! Scunt!!!

Nominated by Occams Razor