Friday, 9 December 2011

Striking Public Sector Workers

Striking Public Sector Workers are all greedy, lazy, bastard cunts, who don't realise what lucky cunts they are to have a job with a pension. Selfish cunts every one of them.

Nominated by Peter


The BBC are having cut backs, so now all they fucking do is show old repeats on each channel,BUT still charge the same fee !!!

NOW how the fuck can anyone call that value for money (beyond me why anyone pays them at all) people who pay them in my humble opinion must be deluded or scared old age pensioners who are scared shitless in case the DETECTOR VAN comes round ????

Nominated by EDDIE-F

Robbie Williams [3]

I would put the boot into that useless cunt Gary Barlow, but his fuckin' simian mate Robbie 'I'm a David Dickinson real deal sized cunt' Willams should really take the dog shit dipped biscuit just for being a wanky, smelly looking, ugly, fucking massive gobbed cunt of a prince cunt amongst cunts. Waazaaaa!

Nominated by HurlingDervish

Gloria Hunniford

Gloria Hunniford is an overly coiffed, gruff voiced, parsnip legged, inexplicably besequinned on a daily basis, QUNT of a man-woman.

For feck's sake, woman, relax your fucking hair, dress more casually sometimes (Dennis fucking Basso doesn't fucking need your fucking cunting endorsement 24/7) fuck me blind.......(deep, even breaths) fuck off.......

Nominated by stressed to fkn haemorrhage point

Nick Ferrari

I had the missfortune to tune into that fat right wing arse licking, murdoch worshiping breakfast LBC radio presenting cunt Nick 'geezer, man of the people' Farrari this morning.

Surely this cunt speaks for all the cunt wafting black cab drivers with his pearls of pure racism and sexism, whilst all the time sucking up to Cameron and his oily fuckin' cronies.

I have honestly never listened to such a control freakery type fat, enormous Pillsbury dough boy of a 'can't climb more than two sets of stairs without heart palpitations' type fat prick in all my days.

Ferrari you have cuntishness ingrained in you like the grain in a plank of wood you thoroughbred fat cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous

The Welsh

The Welsh are all cunts. The fucking lot of them. They sell you a cottage, take your money to renovate it, then burn it down and charge you to rebuild it.

And when you criticise them, they winge on and on and on, taking no fucking notice of what you are saying and accuse you of being a bigot. The bastards hate everyone but themselves.

And have you noticed that when you go into a welsh pub, they all stop talking English and revert to Welsh! Fucking ignorant cunts!

No wonder a sheep tied to a lamp post passes for a leisure centre in Cardiff. Inbred, ignorant, xenophobic, self-opinionated cunts the lot of them!

And the cunts can't sing either.

Nominated by English Bigot

Jeremy Clarkson

Where is JEREMY CLARKSON on this site?

Surely some fucker must have nominated him by now??

Fuckin rat pissed off to China (best place for him, hope he stays there!), but must say I'm really surprised his boat race isn't been on here at least a dozen times !!

What a complete CUNT !!

Nominated by Anonymous