Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rupert Murdoch [2]

Rupert Murdoch has a head like a big deflated inflatable golf ball and needs to cunt off back to Oz in an olde shipe across stormy seas like the first convicts of olde to spend the rest of his days chained up and smashing rocks in the desert, the lousy cunt.

Nominated by Kinge Binge

Sarah Montague

Sarah Montague is a whiney, thick-as-shit,token female, biased-BBC cunt

Nominated by Tweed

The Law

I always thought that the law was an ass, but since awarding that bitch Shoesmith pots of dosh for letting Baby Peter Connell get tortured to death and then refusing the government and the council leave to appeal, I have to say that 'The Law is a cunt"!

And if dear Sharon isn't already on here, then it's time she was - the cunt!

Nominated by Dioclese