Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Those Fucking Incompetent Fraudulent Assholes (F.I.F.A) are top-of-the-class, thieving, horrible, pocket-lining, take-any-bribe, 100%, robbing-us-of-a-world-cup, our-fucking-game-anyway, giving-it-to-those-qatari-cunt-sand-dwellers, french-led
C U N T S!

Fuckin 8.9 on the cunter scale.

Nominated by adz williams

Marco Simmoncelli

Marco Simmoncelli is a big cunt for causing Dani Pedrosa's accident!
What a fucking cunt!

Nominated by Dani Pedrosa's Mum

Osama Bin Laden [2]

Osama Bin Laden is a dead cunt.

Nominated by InspectorGadget

Kerry Katona [2]

Kerry Katona is a smelly cunt.

Nominated by Vandoot

Vince Cable [3]

What nasty, little weasel cunt Vince Cable is.
So today he thinks that Tories are ruthless, calculating and tribal. What a display of deep and abiding Cuntitude. Weasel Cunt Cable could not calculate that he could not afford university tutition fees before the last election and if the Tories are such nasty cunts why the fuck did he climb into bed with them. Because he is just another cunt of a politician who loves the sound of his own voice and who gets even more expenses as a cabinet minister.

Cuntitude drips from every pore of his body, the cunt.

Nominated by Peter


Q. What do you call a woman with two Cunts

That's my nomination: the shit music making chav Cunts,
especially that stupid hat wearing King of Cunts Dappy, Nappy or whatever his stupid cunting name is!

Nominated by Youngwombat

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah "ToeSucker" Ferguson (once upon a time a real-life Princess but later a demented drunken cunt who tried to sell her husband to the Ay-rabs) who has appeared on Fattest Cunt In The World Oprah's TV show to cry and whimper how hurt she was that The Queen didn't send her an invite to The Wedding Of The Century, is a cunt.

What fucking planet is this ginger minger on? I wouldn't invite her to a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding never mind a state occasion watched by half the world's population. She'd probably have tried to sell Kate to an Ay-rab for a bottle of Chardonnay. Fergie must be in the running for Cunt of the Century surely?

Nominated by Blind Pugh

Spanish Footballers

I'll tell you who are a whole bunch of cunts! Spanish footballers, or should I say footballers in Spain, trophy dropping, silly haired, namby-pamby roll about on the floor, diving cunts. And the team managers, especially that Jose 'I'm a picked on victim' Mourhino. But he's a Portugese cunt. Still a massive cunt though.

Nominated by Ashtrayhead

Katie Couric

Katie Couric as a massive cunt in a cuntish little midget cunt body.
Over-paid cunt. Astonishingly stupid cunt, leftist progressive hypocrite cunt (see Astonishingly stupid cunt). And all round miserable little know-all bikers moll mega cunt.
What a cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous

Andrew Marr [6]

Andrew Marr is a jug-eared, can't keep his cock in his trousers, BBC-apparatchik, hypocritical, gobshite ubercunt.

Nominated by Tweed

Al Gore [4]

Al Gore is an money grubbing outed cunt for anyone with half a brain which obviously excludes Charles, Prince of Shit For Brains

Nominated by banned