Friday, 28 May 2010

Christine Dean

Christine Dean, Clerk of the Court, at Blackburn Magistrates Court (pic)
is an evil, lefty, mouthy, interfering, needs to be taught a lesson
after almost causing a decent man to lose his job, cunt.

Nominated by Captain Haddock

Ali Bongo

Ali Bongo is a bankrupt third world country president who wastes millions cunt.
Nominated by Houdini

Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley

Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley are
holiday wrecking, socialist dinosaur, striking cunts.
Nominated by Uncle Marvo

Gordon Brown [8]

Gordon Brown is a let's sneak off back to Scotland
with my tail between my legs now I've wrecked the country
and write so really fucking boring books
that no-one wants to read, cunt.
Nominated by Dioclese

Harriet Harman [7]

Harriet Harman is a let's-sit-on-the-fence-and-see-who-gets-elected
-so-I-can-brown-nose-the-new-leader cunt
Nominated by Dioclese

Anthony Newley

Anthony Newley's singing on the radio spoilt a good drive to work
by Blind Pugh, which makes him a cunt.
Nominated by Blind Pugh