Friday, 28 May 2010

Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley

Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley are
holiday wrecking, socialist dinosaur, striking cunts.
Nominated by Uncle Marvo


  1. These two won't be ruining my holidays since I'm not flying anywhere. Neither will a lot of other people so everywhere at home will be extra fucking crowded thanks to these cunts.

  2. Captain Haddock29 May 2010 at 09:11

    A pair of typically unemployable cunts in normal circumstances, so they got themselves elected as "Union" men ..

  3. Fuckin leftwing cunts of the first degree I never liked that cunt woodley when he was in spandau ballet

  4. Woodley is the cunt of cunts for fucking off on holiday to Cyprus, courtesy of EasyJet, and leaving his idle, lefty, overpaid, underworked, fuckwit, militant bastard cunts currently on strike. Shows how cuntishly thick they are for STILL striking when one of their leaders is on an island in the fucking med. The scouse cunt.

    While were on the subject of cunts, can I nominate that cuntwipe of a so called 'comedian', Mark 'cunt bubble' Steel, for being a true communist cunt and entertaining the striking cunts last week? CUNT!

  5. unite members might like to know these retarded cunts have given their backing to a UAF protest against our boys homecoming parade in barking on the 15th june,
    they will be backing radical muslims over our army THE CUNTS.
    remember that when you pay your subs next month,
    infact i nominate UNITE union members for been blind cunts.