Saturday, 18 December 2010

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim

Read Quick Draw McGraw's lengthy and excellent cunt-nominating rant here.
A masterpiece of clinical analysis and abuse.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

An unspeakable cunt.
And the cunt of a lawyer who represented this piece of shit.

Seconded by Caratacus

....and the cunt has been done yet again for driving while banned after murdering Amy Houston the piss taking cunt.

Seconded by banned

Swedish Girls

Swedish slappers who accuse innocent men of rape to get money from America are cuntish cunts cunting on humanity fuckin cunts.

Nominated by Jon


Germans are fucking boring, authoritarian, 
you must do vat vee say cunting cunts.

Nominated by Dick The Prick

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright of 'The Wright Stuff' is a smug, biased cunt. 

How the cunts at Channel Five present such a shallow, Lefty- biased, uninformed show full of cunts aimed at cunts as a news and current affairs discussion I don't cunting know.

Nominated by Dan, Oxford 

Chris Huhne

Traitor Huhne, for selling this 
country down the river, is a Cancun cunt.

Nominated by banned