Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Adele? What a fucking fat, overrated, 'managed to hoodwink the entire population into thinking it's cool to buy her (shit) albums', fingernails down a blackboard, seal voiced (the marine creature, not the artist whose face looks like it's been run over by a tractor), most smacked arse faced cunt in living memory.

Thank Christ for throat nodules, they've silenced her (at least momentarily - any reprieve from the blanket coverage of this cash rich, talent poor bitch is welcome). What a cunt.

Nominated by stressed to fkn haemorrhage point

Nicolas Sarkozy [4]

Sarkozy is a dwarf monghumping cunt of the first order.

His head is so far up Merkels arse he can see the Lib Dems!

Fucking frog wankstain

Nominated by Ollie Burtons Grandad

Nick Clegg [7]

Nick Clegg is a stupid, immature cowardly cunt for going AWOL in the House of Commons after Camermong temporarily found a bit of spine and told the EU to fuck off.

I would go further; he is such a cunt that, when he dies, the post mortem will reveal that instead of bollocks he has two IOUs from the EfuckingU. The whey-faced, untrustworthy, unintelligible, economically illiterate, ring-piece of a Cunt.

Nominated by Caratacus

Boots The Chemist

Boots the cunting 'here come the girls' chemist are a bunch of sexist, patronising, utterly fucking bastardly cunts.

For fuck's sake get a new pissing tune, oh and that pair of bints pretending to have colds but still soldiering on with work, shopping etc. while the man is at home with a cold (oh, bless...), well I could just whack them in the face with a bat. And no, I haven't got an advantage card, I've wedged it up the nick of my arse.


Nominated by stressed to fkn haemorrhage point

Bob Crowe

Where to start really, this fucking flapping rectum is a right 'champagne socialist' and no mistake. I don't know which is worse, the fucking idiot cunt unions who pay for his lovely cosy and lavish £120,000 a year, plus expenses lifestyle, eating in the finest restruants and expanding his fucking huge blubbery gut even further.

I honestly wish he'd fucking fall under one of his fucking trains the fat fucking cunt. Or choke to death on one of Heston Blumenthal's pork pies.

Crowe must have been to a different school than the rest of us, and I have a feeling it must have been that celebrated establishment, the school of totally enormous fat cunt parasites (which is probably where Eric Pickles went as well...)

What a bloated cokernee cunt. CUNT!

Nominated by HurlingDervish

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry, Turner prize winning potter cunt on a candy shop Harley.

What a total cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous