Friday, 25 November 2011


Cybermen, what a total bunch of Intergalactic Cunts.

Scary? My arse, fucking useless monsters of the first degree.

Looked like the BBC grabbed the local pissheads, gave them some tins of special brew to neck down then covered them in tinfoil and stuck a hoover on their backs.

Fucking rubbish spastic Cunts.


Kitty Brucknell

Kitty Brucknell from X-Factor is a freaky cunt
Nominated by King Binge

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is a plagiaristic, should be sued for nicking ideas of others, fat ex-new romantic eyeliner wearing, double chinned Simon Cowel look a like spastic, bum boy stephen marchant loving, Celebrity arse hole licking, as funny as a dose of tetanus, piggy eyed, penis faced, pot bellied fucking arse holing wanker cunt prick of the highest order.

And, no cunt has nominated him yet so I fucking will. I wouldn't piss on your coffin, and I'd get more entertainment from watching fuckin' Dulux drying!
Fuck off Gervias you cunt!

Nominated by HurlingDervish


Who the fuck do FIFA think they are to tell us not wear poppies on football kit. Those Nazi loving, corrupt, bribe taking, Jew hating cunts would not be in a position to dictate anything if brave British soldiers had not lost their lives liberating Europe from the Third Reich.

Ungrateful cunts. How fucking dare they insult their liberators.

Can someone take that obese cunt Septic Bladder outside and stone him to death.
Nominated by peter

Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy is an ungrateful French Cunt who spends his day sucking German Cock whilst telling his country's liberators, the Brits, to Fuck Off. Today on armistice day we remembered those who were killed liberating his county TWICE from German occupation. Does he remember, does he give a fuck?

No he is too busy setting up a new Vichy Government for the Fourth Reich run by Angela Mengle/Merkel.

What a waste of British blood to allow a cunt like him to exist.

Nominated by peter

Brodie Clark [2]

Brodie Clark, what an untrustworthy,incompetent, sly, Vulcan eared, pointy chinned Cunt of the first order.

Lets all the shit of the Universe into the UK but its not his fault. Remember the Whitemoor Prison Inquiry where you could not tell the truth?

You lying bastard, lets hope you get royally butt fucked this time. Fucking Cunt.

Nominated by Carole Upshall

Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane.....hateful pisshole-in-the-snow eyed, diving, sly handballing, cheating, pleading for players to be booked, roll and fire an arrow fuckwitted spide, I've always supported every team that wants to sign me cunt
Nominated by bob rocks

Lord Taylor of Warwick

Lord Taylor is a thieving lying old Tory cunt who got away with a cushy prison sentence only to walk straight out into the House of Lords again!

By all accounts another Jeffrey Archer! When is this fucking country going to get its act together and stop letting these bastards get away with robbing us all blind...(give me fucking strength!)

Nominated by EDDIE-F

Occupy Exeter

"Occupy Exeter" bunch of wannabe cunts, here's their Blogspot homepage

Go on, tell them what you think cunters.

Nominated by banned

Seth McFarlane

Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad other boring shit) is a repetitive paedophile cunt.

All his stories contain babies or really young kids. What a fucking nonce.
Plus all the series he has a hand in are fucking shit, stereotypical, boring, as unfunny as an Eddie Murphy movie.

The yanks don't even want his shit, so like the twats we are we end up paying for this shit out of our license fee only for it to end up on bloody channel BBC 53 or whatever graveyard shit channel it is.

The prick probably costs me a fucking pack of fags every week.

Rancid cunt.
Nominated by Hurling Dervish

Internet Explorer

Internet fucking Explorer, a proper Cunty fucking program devised by a proper bunch of Cunts.

Upgrade this you Microsoft bastards.