Sunday, 5 July 2009

Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles is a smug cunt.

Nominated by Tory Poppins

Deborah Arnott

Deborah Arnott, ASH UK, is a lying cunt.

Nominated by The Big Yin

Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr is a jug eared cunt.

Nominated by Warsteiner

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is a fag marrying cunt.

Nominated by Shibby & Houndini

Robert Peston

Robert Peston is a big headed cunt.

Nominated by Barking Spider

George Galloway

George Galloway is a traitorous cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous


GrumpyOldTwat is an offensive cunt.

Nominated by Anonymong

Bono [2]

Bono is a vacuous cunt.

Nominated by Grim Reaper

Mr & Mrs A. Laboursupporter

Mr & Mrs A. Laboursupporter, a thick pair of cunts.

Nominated by Houdini

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris is an irritating cunt.

Nominated by G.O.T.

George W Bush

George W Bush is a warmongering cunt.

Nominated by G.O.T.

Tony Blair

Tony Bliar, sorry, Blair is a self righteous cunt.

Nominated by Barking Spider

Lord Ahmed

Lord Ahmed is a car crashing cunt.

Nominated by Fido

Neil & Glenys Kinnock

Neil & Glenys Kinnock, a pair of troughing cunts.

Nominated by Fido