Saturday, 1 May 2010

Gordon Brown [7]

Gordon Brown is a pensioner harrassing, two-faced, vindictive, childish, pill-popping, psychopathic prime minister of a cunt, who has just been cunted with his own cuntishness.
Nominated by Dr. Cunt

The Cunt du Jour HAS to be the one-eyed wonk
who called a pensioner "bigoted".
Brown - what a weapons grade cunt. 

Brian May [2]

Brian May is a champagne quaffing,
up his own arse, New Labour cunt.

Kerry McCarthy [4]

Kerry McCarthy may or may not be a law-breaker -
but she is without doubt a stupid cunt.

Nominated by The Grim Reaper

Iain Dale [3]

Mrs Iain Dale is an illiberal, free speech
and thought denying, Homo Nazi cunt.
Nominated by Houdini

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Anne Diamond

Anne Diamond is a hawking her self on
some annoying ad for postal gold cunt.
Nominated by Fidothedog