Saturday, 28 May 2011

Menzies Campbell

Menzies Campbell is a how come it's pronounced Mingus but the popular high street stationary store is commonly pronounced Menzeez thus showing confusion and inconsistency on the part of the general population on how the fuck it should be pronounced type of cunt.

Nominated by Anonycunt

Menzies Campbell, currently appearing as a 'walker' on The Walking Dead, is a decrepid old cuntbag of a boring cunt who needs to know when to call it a day. And that day is today.

Nominated by King Arthur

David Charlton

David Charlton of ITV1's Strangeways documentary is a prime example. He is a lazy, fat, obnoxious, dirty protesting, needs to 'fuck off', Geordie cunt. Product of society maybe, massive cunt most definitely.

Nominated by Enjie

Lars Von Trier

Lars Von Trier is a shit film making, big mouth running, Danish cunt

Nominated by DerickClive

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a charisma bypassed, racket wielding useless cunt of a cunt. He should be shot in the head, live on television, by Sue Barker if he loses at Wimbledon this year, which he will. Sue, get your gun licence application in now.

Nominated by baldgingerbloke.

Made In Chelsea

The entire cast of Made in Chelsea are a cuntcophany of absolute cunts. Especially the two poncewit blokes with the long hair who probably get it on off camera in a secret gay tryst involving Roman Centurian outfits, whips, oils and a borrowed stallion from one of daddy's stables in Buckinghamshire. Obviously the horse wasn't consenting, but I'm cunting him too for being involved in the whole sordid business.

Nominated by King Binge

Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond (EX PCS President) is a lying two faced snidy fucking cunt. Useless tosser with a fucktarded haircut, total cunt.
So is his sidekick Sue (FatMong)Kendal, a right cunty old fucking boiler cunt

Nominated by Harry The Bastard


Mahatma Gandhi was a non-cooperative cunt.

Nominated by Angus McShagnasty

Che Guevara

Che Guevara is a murderous commie dead cunt. It doesn't matter what your fucking t-shirt says you student communist cunts.

Nominated by Angus McShagnasty

David Dickinson

David Dickinson is a proper orange, with his cunty cheap chips, walnut faced cunt

Nominated by hateyourface

Sunny Hundal

Sunny Hundal is a lefty cuntbag

Nominated by Anonymous

Harold Camping

Harold Camping, the daft auld Americunt evangelical broadcaster who predicted that last Saturday would be Judgement Day and who now says he miscalculated and Armageddon will be upon the Face of the Earth on 21st October 2011 which is TWO DAYS BEFORE MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY you daft auld loon. I have laid in caviare and champagne and pre-paid whores and everything at great expense so if he is right I'm going to sue the daft auld cunt.

Nominated by Blind Pugh

Harold Camping is a cheating,lying, mountebank, who steals the money of
religiously deluded American simpletons with his so called mathematical analysis
of the holey babble.
He's now fucked up twice already with his cuntish calculations.
And still silly Americans have not the ability to recognise him as a dyed in the wool cunt

Seconded by hellosnackbar

Mark Owen

Mark Owen..smack!..take that you trilby wearing,tongue up William's arsehole, wear a turd if you thought it was fashionable, smug cunt..what a cunt!

Nominated by arrymonk

Mehdi Hasan [2]

Mehdi Hasan is a goat loving, lunatic ranting, lefty, all non muslims are animals claiming, New Statesmen editing, stupid facial haired fucktarded loudmouthed cunt.

Nominated by Kissmycunt

Barack Obama [9]

Barack Obama is a Brown nosing, 'like you when I need you' lanky cunt with a too low to the ground cunt of a car

Nominated by Kissmycunt

...and whoever didn't check the underside clearance leaving the US embassy in Dublin resulting in the president's limo getting stuck at the gate and everybody looking like a pack of silly cunts is a cunt.

Nominated by Angry Exile