Saturday, 28 May 2011

Made In Chelsea

The entire cast of Made in Chelsea are a cuntcophany of absolute cunts. Especially the two poncewit blokes with the long hair who probably get it on off camera in a secret gay tryst involving Roman Centurian outfits, whips, oils and a borrowed stallion from one of daddy's stables in Buckinghamshire. Obviously the horse wasn't consenting, but I'm cunting him too for being involved in the whole sordid business.

Nominated by King Binge


  1. If I did have a finger on the nuclear option, this bunch of talentless cunty cunts would be the prime targets, full of cunts who can't act, sing or contribute anything of worth to society. Especially that blonde bird cunt with the horses teeth who thinks she can hold a note. The whole shebang is a kaleidoscope of cunts from start to finish, now they're on fucking 'season 2' for fucks sake. Cunts.

  2. Two minutes of accidently watching this with open mouth and shaking head would surely leave any intelligent sane person thinking, is it seriously possible that such a collection of cunts, of such unimaginably biblical proportions, really exist in the UK today!

    1. Mitt the Shit Romney27 April 2012 at 21:22

      Yes, just watch the Leverson Inquiry, and you don't have to be intelligent or sane. its optional