Friday, 20 August 2010

Billy Connolly

"Big Yin" aka Billy Connolly is to be given the freedom of the city of Glasgow. 
I'd rather he was given a kick in the cunt by every citizen of Glasgow, 
one after the other, till he bleeds and dies, the unfunny patronising cunt.

Nominated by Blind Pugh

Tony Blair [3]

Tony treacherous, war criminal, war monger, 
sixpence-half-a-crown arsed, bastard Blair is a cunt.

Nominated by Captain Haddock

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson is a whiny, self-important, 
"my opinions matter", up-her-own-arse, champagne socialist, 
Labour luvvie, faux-Scotch cunt. 

The fucker named her daughter "Gaia", for fucks sake. Case closed.

Nominated by Tweed

David Miliband [4]

By day, a meek mild mannered gobshite spouting politician... 

David Miliband is, in fact, Bananaman - the cunt!

Nominated by Dioclese

William Hague

William Hague is a Muslim cock-sucking, 
Ramadan-loving, lunatic-supporting, 
blinkered, baldy, foetid cunt of the highest order. 

John Barrowman

John Barrowman seems like a 
thoroughly nice boy and a very good all-round entertainer.

Shame he's a shit-stabbing, queer-as-a-nine-bob-note cunt. 

Nominated by Nan Taylor