Friday, 20 August 2010

Tony Blair [3]

Tony treacherous, war criminal, war monger, 
sixpence-half-a-crown arsed, bastard Blair is a cunt.

Nominated by Captain Haddock


  1. How can I disagree?

  2. Great graphic! Don't know how I missed it!

  3. Only thrice? I'll nominate the Upper Street cunt again then.

  4. It must be time again.....

    Andrew"Axel Strong"Gatward is a lying, UAF, shit-stirring, libelling, nazi-obsessed, threat-making, slandering, steroid-abusing, fucking fuckety fuckpig of a brain-fucked cunting nutcase of a cunt, cunt!

    Please feel free to add to the list, folks.

    Is there any chance you could wait to post this one until Gotty's had a chance to work on a nice little piccy I sent him? ;-)

  5. No problem, I'll leave Twatward for Gotty to post when he's ready.

    Yes, anyone please add extras to his Cunting in the Comments in the meantime :-)

  6. Well cunted Captain.

    He represents a level of cuntitudinousness against which others may be judged.

  7. Indeed .. a sort of International "Bench-mark" .. or should that be "Skid-mark" ? ...

  8. I completely agree. He is a duplicitous, lying, selfish murdering self righteous but slippy money grabbing grade A CUNT.

    Meanwhile, a visit to the Anna Raccon blog and elsewhere site will reveal Sandwell Council to be a Nazis style pensioner bullying jobsworth employing cunt.

    Randy Hack