Friday, 27 November 2009

Baroness Scotland [2]

Baroness Scotland is an unelected, above the law cunt.

Nominated by Blind Pugh, Banned & Killemallletgodsortemout

Marcus Brigstocke [2]

Marcus Brigstocke is a thick, shit for brains,
over-used by the BBC, wankstain of a cunt.

Nominated by Tweed

Leslie Grantham

Leslie Grantham is a murdering, scumbag cunt.

Nominated by Houdini

Andy Murray [2]

Andy Murray is an American Werewolf in London impersonating,
howling, gurning, talentless loser of a cunt.

Nominated by Blind Pugh

Labour Peers

Labour Peers are all a bunch of Lord & Lady Fuckwit cunts.

Nominated by Blind Pugh