Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Frank Carson

Frank Carson is a never-been-funny-ever cunt
Nominated by covert_cunt

..also nominated for Dead Pool

Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas is a intently irritating funny as dysentery fat obnoxious fucktard of a cunt.

Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa Redgrave is a fucking cunt - she's at it again, sticking her nose into a situation she knows nothing about - supporting the gyppo's who have built illegal houses and brought misery to the locals with their typical pikey behaviour -  thieving, intimidating, noisy, dirty bastards - here's a thought Vanessa - let em live in your fucking garden and see how you like em then.
Nominated by doddyschinstrap

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rupert Murdoch [2]

Rupert Murdoch has a head like a big deflated inflatable golf ball and needs to cunt off back to Oz in an olde shipe across stormy seas like the first convicts of olde to spend the rest of his days chained up and smashing rocks in the desert, the lousy cunt.

Nominated by Kinge Binge

Sarah Montague

Sarah Montague is a whiney, thick-as-shit,token female, biased-BBC cunt

Nominated by Tweed

The Law

I always thought that the law was an ass, but since awarding that bitch Shoesmith pots of dosh for letting Baby Peter Connell get tortured to death and then refusing the government and the council leave to appeal, I have to say that 'The Law is a cunt"!

And if dear Sharon isn't already on here, then it's time she was - the cunt!

Nominated by Dioclese

Friday, 12 August 2011

Sean Price

I am the width of a gnat's todger away from nomination of the entire world of British Law Enforcement as a huge floppy wizard's of a cunt but am restraining myself in the hope that there may just be an unbent copper left somewhere.

However, probably not in Cleveland. Primary cunt is Cleveland police Chief Constable Sean Price, seen gurning in the Grun,who has been suspended, arrested etc: as have also been his deputy and the former force solicitor. FFS! Or something. I am too depressed to set out in detail the extent of their utter utter cuntiful condition.

Do you all have any idea how fucking corrupt you have to be to be nabbed when you are a Chief Constable?
Elsewhere some bizzies are getting nicked for child porn. If you had written a distopian novel with this in you would have been criticised as being hopelessly pessimistic...

I put it to you, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Juty...Not just cunts but stupid corrupt thieving cunts.

Nominated by Jack


Morrissey is a musical joke of a cunt and his fans are thick cunts who dont see what a totally talentless piss poor vegetarian, without any sense of proportion cunt he is.

Nominated by cuntstable cuntbubble

George III

George the Third was an agricultural cunt.

Nominated by cuntstable cuntbubble

Julia Gillard [2]

Julia Gillard is an ugly, lying,backstabbing cunt with a big Pinocchio nose.
An embarrassing Welsh born cunt who says "hyper-bowl" instead of "hyperbole".
Gormless, dieing in a car fire would be too good for her, unelected prime minister without a mandate cunt.

Nominated by funkybarfly

Jody McIntyre

Jody McIntyre is a tedious lefty prick who's just won promotion to the exalted level of Twitter shit stirring cunt. And had his Independent blog taken down as a result.

Nominated by Angry Exile

Julia Gillard

Julia Cunting Gillard and Bob (I prefer boys bottoms) Brown are turning Oz into a cunt-forsaken place. Un-elected, unpopular and a cunt full of carbon tax. Could someone please return this cunt to sender...Wales that is. The UK is fucked so they send us this red-headed cunt to fuck up the convicts.. Please piss this cunt off.

Nominated by Anonymous

Top Gear

Top Gear is a cunty program featuring 3 complete fucking Cunts who fancy themselves but just twat about. Gets right on my fucking tits, Cunts.

Nominated by Rachel Welch's Fanny


The London rioters are a bunch of thick as fuck criminal parasites; every one a total oxygen thieving Cunt


Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn "I am not a Fat Bastard" Holmes is a well fat,egotistical,smug, Irish Cunt. "The riots are only in England not Britain" That right eh? paddy bastard, I suppose all the grief from Ireland never happened then? Total fucking wanker


Sebastian Coe [3]

Lord Sebastian Coe of CuntyTown is a sanctimonious, supercilious, arrogant, pietistical,arse licking Cunt. Not that clever when you got done over by Steve Ovett in the Olympics eh? Cry baby fucking cunt.