Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Frank Carson

Frank Carson is a never-been-funny-ever cunt
Nominated by covert_cunt

..also nominated for Dead Pool


  1. Jason Parker is a petafile


  3. cuntstable cuntbubble2 September 2011 at 14:50

    Sir Reginald Sheffield, Cameron's father in law, is a greedy fat pig of a cunt who wants to inflict turbines on all those who live near his estate as long as they are nowhere near his residence.
    The in-bred, subsidised troughing cunt.

    Moira Pearce sits on her loathsome spotty behind in her 4 bedroomed house in Kent with her jobess toy boy and her 10 bastard children and the cunt has the cheek to say that she can't 'support her lifestyle' on £31,200 a year in taxpayers' handouts and has the unmitigated gall to tout herself round local charities looking for handouts, the worthless greedy scrounging lazy fucking cunt!!!

    And I pay taxes to keep useless cunts like this!!


  5. cuntstabel cuntbubble4 September 2011 at 15:12

    Frank Carson is not a cunt. It's just the way he tells em.

  6. Martin McCann is a cybersquatting dickhead of a cunt who attempted to exploit a death, a grieving family, a charity, and those who have tried to donate to that charity, in order that he might benefit.

  7. Cuntfinder General10 September 2011 at 19:36

    On watching strictly come dancing one is reminded that Edwina Currie is an adulterer who whored her affair round the media years after it happened like some cheap kiss and fucking tell slapper, causing distress to many people just so she could sell her tacky book telling of the time she was an incompetent member of the Government who, you will recall also caused a health scare due to her utter fucking ineptitude and inability to master her brief, thus making her an utter utter horrible cunt.

  8. School run parents are all selfish cunts. Why can't they let let their precious little cunt-lets walk to fucking school. Children still have legs! These selfish cunt parents profess to live a green lifestyle with recycling, eco bulbs etc, but then emit twelve and a half tonnes of CO2 driving their spoilt brats 400 yrds to school in their chelsea cunting tractor. Get out of my fucking way cunts, I'm trying to get to fucking work.

  9. Robbie cunting Savage reckons his hair and his teeth are the 2 most important things in his life. What a narcissistic cunt. Well Savage you sad, deluded, thick bastard of a cunt, your teeth look like a cheap pair of granny's dentures and you look like a bitch from behind. Get off my fucking telly you ugly, thick, cunt. Go on get away to fuck, Cunt!!


    Robbie Savage getting his cunt knocked in by me.

  11. From Hurlingdervish

    Fucking nice one! anyone who twats that cunt Savage automatically goes to the top of the poppermost.
    Good on 'yer son.