Monday, 24 October 2011

Sir Reginald Sheffield

Sir Reginald Sheffield, Cameron's father in law, is a greedy fat pig of a cunt who wants to inflict turbines on all those who live near his estate as long as they are nowhere near his residence.
The in-bred, subsidised troughing cunt.

Nominated by cuntstable cuntbubble

Moira Pearce

Moira Pearce sits on her loathsome spotty behind in her 4 bedroomed house in Kent with her jobess toy boy and her 10 bastard children and the cunt has the cheek to say that she can't 'support her lifestyle' on £31,200 a year in taxpayers' handouts and has the unmitigated gall to tout herself round local charities looking for handouts, the worthless greedy scrounging lazy fucking cunt!!!

And I pay taxes to keep useless cunts like this!!

Nominated by Dioclese

Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips, what a fucking rat faced cunt. Probably has a jet powered broomstick to fly into her hovel in the Daily Mail towers every day, all the way cackling at the immigrants and the proles the fucking old harridan witch cunt. Needs to fucking do one, piss off to Afghanistan and moan about the state of that nation on your expense account if you don't like it here you cunting moose.

Nominated by King Binge

Victoria Beckham [2]

Posh Spice or whatever her bloody name is, y'know the 'ol prayin' mantis features herself Bekham's missus. What fucking purpose does she fulfill? apart from wandering around pouting like a puckered arse hole wearing dead animal skins. She'd probably end up wearing a pair of shoes made out of her cunt flaps one day. Fucking boob. Mind you he's as much of a fucking twonk for putting up with her shit. Can you imagine putting up with her fucking droning mouth all day long? *retch* Just fucking slap the cunt you twat David!

Nominated by HurlingDervish

Katherine Jenkins

To be fair Katherine Jenkins has a nice pair of tits on her but she is a right smug fucking cunt.
Stick to singing and stop flashing your norks you sad tart.


AllSeeingEye: Okay, I'm putting this up as a valid nomination, but honestly I'd smash her like an abandoned caravan so I'm not voting for it.

Eamonn Holmes [2]

Eamonn Holmes (on the evidence of this photograph) is a bottom scratching, finger sniffing cunt
Nominated by Ashtrayhead

David Starkey

David Starkey is a typical BBC Old Boy who thinks his opinions matter and whatever he says comes straight from the Mouth of God!

The old fucker should just piss off and give us all a break, the smug arrogant old cunt!

Nominated by EDDIE-F

Alex Salmond [2]

I hate that cunt Alex "cunt of the fucking English speaking universe" Salmond, because he is a fucking racist English hating bastard.

Alex "scotch cunt of the century" thinks scrote-land is better off without "they english bastards". Fuck off you cunt. There are 8 million cunts in scrote-land and 90% of them are either on the sick or on the dole. That would be the sick and the dole paid by the 60 odd million English who work and pay taxes. Taxes that go to the unworthy, racist, lazy sick bastard cunt Scottish. Fuck off Salmond. Time for the English to kick you cunts into touch, you fucking ungrateful, whinging, Scottish Cunt!

I had the misfortune to not be represented at Westminster by that Racist Cunt, while I lived in Aberdeenshire doing a job not Scot could be fucked doing. Salmond is a cunt. The SNP are complete cunts, and Scotland is full of of cunts who live off the the English, who they hate. Fuck those cunts. Get those cunts out of the UK. They need to be disunited, the total cunts. Fuck off you ungrateful scotish bastard cunts

Nominated by peter

Bonnie Prince Charlie

Bonnie Prince Charlie was a sad useless inbred cunt. A fine hero of the Scots though due to his tendency to shag his cousins and get his arse kicked off the English. Fuckwitted Jacobite cunt of the first order.