Sunday, 4 July 2010

Stat Porn

Anyone that issues stat porn on their blog is a cunt.
Nominated by G.O.T.

ISAC is one year old today!
In that time over 76,000 visitors have stopped by to nominate and/or check out the 800+ cunts, that have been cunted by the cunters, at an average of 1500 visits per week.

The top 10 most used adjectives to describe a cunt have been:
lying (26)
talentless (22)
labour cock sucking (18)
dead cunt (17)
commie (15)
fat (15)
annoying (13)
thieving (13)
useless (13)
hypocrite (11)

The top 10 most cunted cunts were:
Gordon Brown (9)
BBC (9)
Harriet Harman (7)
Bob Ainsworth (6)
Barack Obama (6)
Kerry McCarthy (5)
Andy Murray (4)
Baroness Scotland (4)
David Cameron (4)
Diane Abbott (4)

The top 10 most voted for cunts were:
Alexi Sayle (34)
The BBC (31)
Ben Elton (29)
George Galloway [3] (29)
Harriet Harman [5] (27)
Keith Vaz (26)
Harriet Harman [6] (24)
Jacqui Smith [3] (22)
Frank Skinner (22)
Harriet Harman [4] (22)

The top 5 cunt nationalities were:
UK (607)
USA (63)
Europe (10)
Australia (5)
South Africa (3) 

The top 5 most cunted bloggers were:
Iain Dale (4)
Paul Flynn (3)
Devils Kitchen (2)
Grumpy Old Twat (2)
Tim Ireland (2)

The first 20 cunts to be cunted on  "..... is a cunt" were,
in reverse order:
Al Gore
Kevin Maguire
Nick Robinson
Nancy Pelosi
Bernie Ecclestone
Rowan Williams
Keith Vaz
Andy Murray
David Miliband
Ed Balls
Cherie Blair
Jacqui Smith
Alan Johnson
Peter Mandelson
Nicolas Sarcozy
Harriet Harman
Jonathon Ross
Gordon Brown
Barrack Obama

Thanks go to my fellow cunter, ASE, and to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to nominate, or comment on, any of the cunts that have been cunted during ISAC's first year of cuntishness.

Keep up the cuntitude, yer cunts!