Sunday, 9 May 2010

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas is an eco-loony, rabid, 
dig-up-all-the roads, prattling non-stop, 
sandal-wearing, ET lookalike, cunt.

Jack Dromey

Jack Dromey - seen him on TV a couple of times in past few days, 
and out of all the multitude of cunts on display, he sticks in my mind as an uttermost cunt.

Weasel-mouthed, nevergiveastraightanswetoasimplequestion, cunt of the supremest order.

What fucking reality-distorting drugs is he on to believe that anyone believes his dissembling shite? 

Nominated by dontmakemelarf 

Lembit Opik

Lembit Opik is a wonky faced Liberal loser of a cunt.
Nominated by Sambo

Mohammed Al Fayed and Michael Cole

I nominate Michael Cole, Mohamed Al Fayed's spokesman.
Fuck it, I nominate Al Fayed as well. Pair of nonce cunts.
Harrods used to be a nice place to shop, now it's just full
of cheap celebs who've been on Big Brother or
X Factor or Trisha or Jeremy Kyle.
And now Al Fayed goes and sells it to another bunch of Arabs.
I'd cunt them as well if I knew how to spell their names.
Nominated by Blind Pugh

Danny Dyer [2]

Danny Dyer, who commented in Zoo magazine
about cutting a woman's face as a way of getting
revenge on an ex, is a cunt.

Nominated by The Grim Reaper


Scotland  - since 44% of them voted Labour for fucks sake
compared to 23% of the not so cunty English.
Nominated by banned

David Cameron [4]

David Cameron is a failing to win the easiest election in years
by alienating smoking Eurosceptics like me, cunt.
Nominated by banned


Windows 7 and Bill Gates and indeed everyone at
Microshaft are piss poor bug filled software producing cunts.
Nominated by Fidothedog

Ron Davies

Ron "Badger" Davies, who claimed he was out looking for badgers
when he was doing something very different, is a cunt.

Nominated by Fidothedog