Sunday, 9 May 2010

Jack Dromey

Jack Dromey - seen him on TV a couple of times in past few days, 
and out of all the multitude of cunts on display, he sticks in my mind as an uttermost cunt.

Weasel-mouthed, nevergiveastraightanswetoasimplequestion, cunt of the supremest order.

What fucking reality-distorting drugs is he on to believe that anyone believes his dissembling shite? 

Nominated by dontmakemelarf 


  1. dontmakemelarf9 May 2010 at 17:19

    'enjoy' him here (duped from previous thread)...
    (46mins 57secs in)

    or transcript...

  2. Caroline Lucas is an eco-loony, rabid, dig-up-all-the roads, prattling non-stop, sandal-wearing, ET lookalike, cunt.

  3. He made a right cunt of himself with Paxman, who was laughing uncontrollably.

  4. I think Dromey shares a gene pool with Arthur Scargill and George Galloway and Colonel Gadaffi. They're all demented cunts who think if they rant loud and long enough, we'll believe the shite they spout. I hope Dromey gets prostate cancer real soon. Or even better, throat cancer, that'll shut the cunt up.

  5. dontmakemelarf10 May 2010 at 16:00

    ...and here is that second display of sheer cuntitude that compelled me to contact the emergency services of IAC

    + transcript at...

  6. dontmakemelarf10 May 2010 at 16:16

    Youve really got to wonder bout the collective IQ of the constituents of Erdington.
    Not only did they elect this Droney cunt now, but previously had elected NuLab ubercunt, Sion Simon.

  7. That Dromey & Scargill crawled from beneath the same stone is beyond doubt.I remember the day when both the gobshite cunts got nicked by the SPG at the Grunwick's dispute in North London.Shame they didn't both get a serious enough kicking then to shut them up permanently.

  8. The fact that Dromey is married to that fuckwit, feminist, shit for brained, rabid dyke's cunt, Harriet fucking Harman makes him a cunt. He must have been dringking some seriously strong alcohol to look at Happyrot and think, 'Wow, she's cute'. Still, it amuses me to imagine it pisses her off to wake up each morning and realise the last three letters of her surname spell, 'MAN'. Ironic for an ultra feminist cunt.
    The ONLY reason that cunt Dromey is a fucking MP, is because his cunt of a wife put him at the top of an all female candidate list. How the fuck this bald, dribbling cunt managed to fool voters into believing he was a woman is a source of amazement to me. Just goes to show what a bunch of brainwashed, brainDEAD, nipple licking cunts most Labour voters are.