Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley is a morbidly obese pie eating cockney cunt. The only bloke who has a Chinook as his personal helicopter due to his immense fatness and Mega Cuntitude. Hurry up and die you bastard.

Nominated by Ollie Burtons Grandad

John Robb

John Robb is a self obsessed twat.
Only he can write a tribute to Polystyrene and manage to include two videos of himself!
Shameless cunt!

Nominated by Anonymous


Palestinians. Fascist, suicide bombing, teach your children to hate, hide behind your women
in schools and hospitals, professional victim, morally bankrupt,religion of peace following,
racist ethnic cleansers and genocidal Jew-hating cunts.

Nominated by Mike Hunt

Micheal McIntyre [2]

Micheal McIntyre is a posh, blusher wearing, floppy haired, dildo riding cunt.
Only cunts find his cunty jokes funny. Cunt!

Nominated by pillbill

Gordon Strachan

Gordon Strachan...bitter twisted unfunny rambling ginger midget of a man..but a colossus of a cunt

Nominated by arrymonk