Thursday, 26 August 2010

Stephen Nolan

Stephen Nolan is a fat ugly say what his BBC bosses 
want media whore screw the taxpayer cunt of cunts
Nominated by A Taxpayer

Allison Fraser

Allison Fraser, Chief Executive of Sandwell Metropolitan Council, 
is an educated but unintelligent, nit-picking, 
little old lady bashing, not up to the job cunt

Nominated by Old Nick

James Naughtie [2] and Evan Davis [2]

James Naughtie and Evan "Tinseltits" Davis of Radio 4's Today 
programme are a pair of whining, Labour-raddled, 
can't get over the fact that Labour lost the election 
and that people actually think that the coalition might be alright, 
smug cunts.

Ban Ki Moon

Ban Ki Moon is a twat of a UN-paid quangocrat, 
whining that the world isn't doing enough to help the space-raced, 
nuclear-armed, £64 million better-off thanks to the UK Government Pakistanis, 
when the Pakistanis are intent on killing every 
fucker in the western world, 
up-on-his-soapbox, not of the real world cunt.