Thursday, 26 August 2010

Stephen Nolan

Stephen Nolan is a fat ugly say what his BBC bosses 
want media whore screw the taxpayer cunt of cunts
Nominated by A Taxpayer


  1. Oh yes and the patronising noisy cunt and his terminally stupid phone in guests annoy the fuck out of me and ruin what should be a good late night radio, but isnt.

  2. Stephen Nolan makes attempts in his store by using people or individuals in real and dreadful situations in life to expand his false care image, a girl may have got overseas care by power of his radio program, that is all his claim to purity is!
    He keeps it quiet so as to use if challenged!! He is an obnoxious person who plays at devils advocate, and on an occasion where a member of his salary paying public beat at his door with an argument that he senses he is losing, he swiftly fades them out or dismisses them . The biggest objection to him having even a kebab (the fat cunt admits to liking kebabs) on my , as a fee payers expense is that , most listeners will know is a plain disrespect for the normal way of life and enjoys some degree of suffering to aid his show. I truly believe that one day with little work , he might have cross lines .

  3. Hello there. My names Steven Nolan (thats Steven with a "p") Now before I begin my defense I am going to just nip to the local kebab house for some fattening food, ohhh you think that makes me fat?! Well let me tell you just because I like to eat Burgers and Kebabs and Pizzas and Chocolates and Lard and Children and BBC tax payers moniessss and horses, that dosent make me fat! Now i'll keep talking, making my voice go really loud and then really quiet, sounding sympathetic of callers to my radio stations acting like a care when really I just want a story, why? Well you may say its because im fat, but thats unfair. Im a big man yes, I like Burgers and Kebabs yes, Im on radio because im so god damn ugly my own mother hates me to the core, but I can't help eating fatty foods, I live for fatty foods. Infact, after this I may get myself a curry, wash it down with a few chips, and maybe a kebab for desert, but does this mean i have a food addiction, maybe, but I like burgers, and kebabs even more. I like chicken kebabs, with lots of sauce on, I could eat a chicken kebab right now actually, while im live on the bbc, Hell i could even eat the bbc right now, but whats your opinion on this, call me now or text 5live on 85058.