Friday, 27 August 2010


PCSO's, each and every one of them is a pretend police officer, 
you can't film me, argue with me, 
photograph me as I make the fucking law up as I go along, 
spend all day fucking about, quote the fucking rules 
and piss the public off uber fucking cunt. 

Scrap the lot of them, the cunts.

Nominated by Paul Goddard


  1. Social inadequates who get either a "Woody" or a "Wide" on by strutting around wearing Hi-vis jackets & belts crammed with Police-type kit, deluding themselves that they're "Robocop" ...

    Complete but alas, not harmless fantasists ..

  2. Retards, mostly.

    Frustrated, four-eyed fuck pigs, usually.

    Inadequates - always.

  3. Today's cunts:

    London traffic wardens

    Sneaky, humourless, vindictive, opportunistic, £60 a go, just doing they're jobs cuntish cunts.,r:1,s:0

    Sorry about the daily cunts link...

  4. From HurlingDervish.

    These cunts sit in the office for most of the shift, on fucking google doing fuck all, don't work past midnight fucking won't get involved in arresting anyone shirking fucking knob shining titwanking preening good for nothing
    useless quatermass sized cunts.
    Be off with the lot of you.
    Fucking useless cunts. Blunkett you blind twat of a cunt!

  5. anonymous but not the jules hudson one14 February 2012 at 20:46

    They are all jobsworth, on-the-committee, local councillor type, ineffectual mummy's boy arsewipes. They go home to their mums, have their tea, take mum shopping, call at auntie's on the way home, have a cup of tea and a biscuit, go home, help mum unpack the shopping, go and play with a jigsaw, bath and pyjamas by 9 o'clock, bitty then bed - then a bit of percy filth on the laptop before Horlicks time (10 o'clock) then lights out or else. Cunts.

  6. Wannabe cunts. Just how cunty can you get!

  7. Pcso paula perry stitch up bitch and gt duck all better to do than harrased me

    1. cuntstable cuntbubble1 June 2012 at 11:31

      I nominate the anonycunt above as an incoherent, thick, illiterate cunt.

  8. Viscount Rectum1 June 2012 at 15:39

    We get the government we deserve, every thing we get we deserve, community support officer are there to keep you cunts in place, think your free you silly bastards, like flouride in your toothpaste eh cunts?, sodium flouride in your drinking water no wonder you are all docile and stupid cunts.