Friday, 27 August 2010

Andrew Gatward [4]

Andrew"Axel Strong"Gatward is a lying, 
UAF, shit-stirring, libelling, nazi-obsessed, threat-making, 
slandering, steroid-abusing, fucking fuckety fuckpig 
of a brain-fucked cunting nutcase of a cunt, cunt!

Keep checking Gatwatch over at Spidey's!

Nominated by Barking Spider


  1. Nice one, Eye, he's climbing the fucking walls, mate - I must add a link to my latest post to make sure he finds this one here- we wouldn't want him to miss it! ;-)

  2. Old Holborn is a killer and total criminal cunt money giving cunt of the first order, cunt.

    I just added him back to my blog roll as a favourite and reader, after his puerile, infantile and ponsy fucking threat to close his blog when Obnoxio upset his little self, and thought he was a cunt then. But now he goes and extols everyone to give money to a cunt who has been in jail for 30 odd years...the poor diddums. No cunt goes to jail for 30 years, having been sentenced to ten, without good reason, And then, apparently, he is denied reading and writing materials and a chance at an education? What a cunt OH must be to even suggest such a fucking piece of shite...and guess what? He got most of the information from that uber cunt that should have fucking swung John Hirst.

    What a cunt OH is and is now back off the blog list never to be visited again, what a total cunt.

  3. Cheryl Taylor, Controller of Comedy Commissioning at the the BBCuntingC, who decided to axe the world's longest-running soap opera Last of The Summer Wine, is a humourless and soul-less lefty cunt of the highest order.

  4. Ahem!

    Re: My Last.

    What a pile of fucking shit that last show was!

    However, Cheryl Taylor, Controller of Comedy Commissioning at the BBCuntingC, is still probably a humourless and soul-less lefty cunt of the highest order.

  5. @ Houdini...

    I do smell "Shotgun" in the air with the rant above....

    Wondered where he'd gone.

  6. No idea what you mean D&C......

  7. Alexander the meerkat is a fucking irritating, insurance advertising puppet with a hand up his jacksie cunt.

  8. id like to nominate NICK LOWLES from hate not hope.
    just spent a week in a top hotel in bradford stirring up shite and hoping for a race riot.
    HUGE fail prick.
    boasting he took 1000 photos of patriots to 'out'.
    scum scum scum
    racism pays lowles wages,he loves keeping it alive.

  9. Harry Redknapp is a twitchy, satchel faced, tax evading, Judas cunt of a cunt.

  10. *satchel-faced*

    Fucking super description of the ugly, whining, little cunt, El Lager.

  11. UPDATE

    After perusing the various blogs around, have found various comments left by Old Holborn in defence of Guido Fawkes. Go read the comments on Hagues statement thread at order order to see what OH is saying.

    I would now like to change the wording of my well deserved cunting of Old Holburn to:

    Old Holborn is a killer and total criminal cunt money giving and raising cunt of the first order, and has his tongue right up his bum boys and object of homo sexual desire, Guido 'shit Staines' Fawkes's fucking ring-piece, arse-hole sniffing and, nibbling and licking, cunt.

  12. The Stig is a cunt and no-one gives a fuck about who he 'really is' except for various Radio 2 "DJ"s and newsreaders paid to big up the story like the cunts they are are too.

  13. Rehana Mohamed is a servant slapping cunt.

  14. I see Cyril "Fat Cunt" Smith has croaked. He probably died of shame after watching Nick Clegg give William Hague a blow job. Either that or he choked on a bacon sandwich like Big Fat Mama Cass once did, the fat cunt.