Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Evan Davis

Evan Davis is an immigration policy apologist, poofta, baldy cunt.

Nominated by Hairy Arsed Bloke

Katy Perry and Russell Brand [2]

Katy Perry is a deluded trailer park scum cunt.

She reckons that annoying, nasal Essex whining, unfunny
needs chinning fucking twat Russell Brand is a  mixture of Jesus,
Charles Manson, Elvis and Jim Morrison. What a fucking insult to all of them.

I think he is a mixture of pubic bone, clitoris, vulva and other words, a cunt.

Nominated by Houdini

Roy Hattersley

Roy Hattersley should be boiled in his own spittle, the cunt.

Nominated by HeadsonPoles.

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Prof Joseph E. Stiglitz is a Greek advising, Brown supporting,
speculator hating, New-Keynesian economist fucking cunt.

Nominated by Hairy Arsed Bloke

Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper is an Eco-Loon, stupid fucking name,
Cunt of the Earth, gullible Warmist strange sounding cunt.

Nominated by Norman Spack M.D..

Lord Pearson of Rannoch

Lord Pearson of Rannoch is the cunt who's running the only party
  that the Cuntfinder General wants in power
but he hasn't even got a proper fucking name,
and no other cunt even knows who he is, the cunt.

Nominated by Cuntfinder General