Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Evan Davis

Evan Davis is an immigration policy apologist, poofta, baldy cunt.

Nominated by Hairy Arsed Bloke


  1. With a large piercing in his baldy bell-end!

  2. He needs immigrants for all them nice looking African boys.

  3. if we're to believe in karma-
    we can only hope he soon gets robbed,strangled,raped and left for dead off an illegal immigrant!
    who's then freed after a week and given a mansion in mayfair.
    saying that i think he'd rather enjoy it.
    what a cunt.

  4. Roman Polanski is a lets make MacBeth into a dreadful and boring film and then force students to see it cunt.

  5. Evan Davis crashes the pips on the Today programme which makes him a cunt.

    I nominate James Naughtie because he likes to suck up to people he interviews, tries to sound intelligent and fawns over any and every Labour twat that he can.

  6. What HoP said.

    Don't forget that Naughtie is a scotch cunt as well.

  7. What killemall said.

  8. Nick Hogan is a cunt. And so am I.

    And being a cunt is not always a bad thing.

    And he needs springing from the chokey.