Monday, 14 September 2009


The BBC are Muslim arse-licking "of course you can come and Islamify and Talibanise our country" multicuntural leftie brainwashing cunts.

Nominated by Bring On The Revolution


  1. Howard Brown is a talentless, OBSCURE cunt

  2. Rev. Ragsdale is a fat dyke cunt.

  3. BBC runs by cunts who fail to grasp that the first thing to vanish should the moslems take over is free speech.

    No women on the telly, no gays, no infidels and no free speech.

    Still it would be nice to see Nick Robinson without a head.

    1. Fidothedog and Bring On The Revolution are a pair of thick, ignorant cunts.

  4. I thought the BBC were atheists ?

  5. I would like to nominate Mr Magoo.

    "Mr Magoo is a wee baldy headed square headed blind cunt"

  6. LSP, are you talking about Katherine Ragsdale (who TheEye thinks is a cunt) or someone else?

    And AMW, that's a definite Yes.

  7. Katherine - she's a nasty old cunt.

  8. Oh I'm so glad people fight and die for freedom of speech. It's all worth it to see blogs like this.

  9. mohammed jihad jihad7 October 2010 at 03:05

    Fuck off are A CUNT

    I think you are confusing free speech with oil.

  10. Athony Grainger criminal cunt.Killed in some upper working class shithole called culcheth by a highley skilled manchester police marksman with small dick lives with mum or alone and thinks he looks super duper in his plastic sas gear .No weapon found whats new,if you throw two cs canisters into a car you can do fuck all.Two things are going on here the expert can do no wrong marksman flapped like fuck and youll get the usual bullshit that he thought grainger had an 11inch .44 magnum plus grenade launcher this while he was chocking to death on cs gas.While this cunt was shooting he should have went for gold and killed the other two cunts.This is the other reason i reckon grainger got the good news because he had some intelligence that would implicate manchester police at a high level in some sort of corruption this cunt grainger was into a lot anyway the csi wannabes have dragged the car off hopeing to find a carl gustav a/t weapon .To sum up one criminal cunt dead one expert police cunt made to look like a fuck wit.To graingers family dont feel to bad these manchester police firearms cunts kill one another what a bunch of useless cunts lol.