Tuesday, 17 January 2012

George Galloway [4]

Galloway is a Muslim cocksucker and antiChrist of the first water, mad-eyed, pug ugly and perverted (remember the leotarded cat cuntacle he made of himself).

He is an appeaser and you know what Churchill said about that..feeding a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.

I'd personally like to feed this tawdry, pathetic piece of shit into a blender and turn the handle, then feed the bastard to the pigs.

Nominated by Lillie


YouTube are a bunch of cunts.

I spent 3 months building up a list of favorite sites featuring hundreds of full length documentaries, everything from that trashy old faker Attenborough to classics like "Did Aliens Steal The Ark Of The Convenant" to come back after the Season Of Goodwill to find half of them gone to this shit

Copyright bollox


YouCunts more likely.

Nominated by banned

TheEye: For those who don't know about EyeTube it is a censorship-free video free hosting site. 
Help yourself!


Timpson the shoe repair cunts are cunts.

They couldn't repair fuck all the useless, overcharging, retarded, glue-sniffing cunts.


Nominated by Timpson R. Cuntz

TheEye: This photo is of their shop in Fareham which is a famous shithole full of prize cunts.
It was used as a nuclear testing site in the 60's and nobody noticed.

T Mobile

T Mobile are cunts.

Their phones are useless, their staff are fuckwits, their advertising is cuntingly misleading and their website is bollocks.

Bunch of fucking cunts.

Nominated by Mister FuckFones

Paddy McGuinness [2]

Paddy "Hair Transplant" McGuinness is an unfunny fuckwitted Cunt of the first order.

Fair play , the fucker has done very well for a talentless sad cunt; having made an entire career out of being Peter Kay's arse licker.


Jules Hudson

Jules Hudson, presenter of Escape to the Cuntry and Cuntryside is a proper smary fucking Cunt.

With his fake smile and shiny red nose he could really do with a good twatting, fuck knows how the sad mongs on his shows dont lamp the bastard.

What a Cunt.