Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Paddy McGuinness [2]

Paddy "Hair Transplant" McGuinness is an unfunny fuckwitted Cunt of the first order.

Fair play , the fucker has done very well for a talentless sad cunt; having made an entire career out of being Peter Kay's arse licker.



  1. Well said obg!! Paddy can go and fuck himself with his sausage rolls and pish patter! How he managed to ever get out of his mums cunt astounds me!! I propose an alteration to his shit fucking show "take me out" where contestants are invited to "kick his cunt right in" and piss on his near dead fat fucker of a body! I fucking hate him he is an utter utter cunt!!

  2. undoubtedly a loud, annoying, talentless twat.

    Seems to pop up everwhere like a bad smell. Wish he'd fuck off and leave us alone so we don't have to endure more of his loud, tedious bullshit.

    Fuck off ya bell end!

  3. One of the most talentless twats and cringeworthy cunts in tv history. Shit show, fucking puerile sayings (no likey no lighty - what a cunt), fucking annoying accent, insult to comedians and 'boltonians'. And he gets paid for this! What a fucking useless piece of cuntal discharge.

  4. Jeeesus I thought the crap cunts cuntphrase was "no likey no nighty" or "don't fancy it don't shag it".

  5. cuntstable cuntbubble8 June 2012 at 14:34

    We have just endured a week of unquestioning jubilee arselicking that would make a North Korean blush. Where was the fucking balance? We are not all Alan fucking Titmarch. Where was an alternative opinion on this gushing shite?
    60 years doing fuck all on state benefits.
    60 years producing a family of inbred retards who in turn marry other inbred retards.
    A jubilee celebrating her majesty the cunt.
    Fuck the lot of them. Cunts.