Friday, 10 February 2012

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is a little Whinging When He Gets Out cunt.
Nominated by Anonymous


National Accident Helpline Underdog?

Should be Underturd, looks like a shit.

I'd like to flush that little shit down the nearest bog.


Nominated by Cuntankerous Hag

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vernon Kay [2]

Vernon Kay is a smug, highly irritating, patronising Cunt. A shite host of numerous wank programmes featuring various fuckwitted Cretins have given this Cunty wankstain far too much airtime.

A Cheesy fucking grin and wankers haircut have propelled this vacuous Cunt onto our TV screens.

The Greedy Cunt now even does puke making fucking adverts with his dozy Mother.

Best known for All Star Family Fuckwitts and being a DJ on Radio fucking One he is indeed a proper talentless arsehole and utter Cunt.

President Cristina Kirchner

President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina is a scraggy old munter and a jingoistic Argie Cunt.

Like fuck are the Falklands yours you tart; after the Oil now Eh? Away and fuck you sad witch, piss off back to your plastic surgeon and get a fucking refund your skanky Harridan.

Your Tits are fucking wonky as well Bitch!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Manic Street Preachers

Manic Street Preachers!!! Utter utter cunts!

I'd rather pour bleach into my knife opened scrotum than listen to those boring Fuckers!!

Surely they have to be the most cunty band ever!!
Nominated by badgers arse

Nicolas Sarkozy

How the fuck can Cameron be cunted off 11 times and that slimy arsewipe slag Sarkozy be venerated only 4 times,I intend personally to redress this insane balance while you fucking lot miss the bleeding obvious point of this board, which is to slag off Johnny Fuckin Foreigner not our own glorious leader.

Last night the frog midget had another pop at the UK whilst announcing a hike in the French VAT rate ..what the fuck as our industry got to do with the garlicky goulashy little snot?

If there was a cunt contest he'd come fucking second, that's how much of Berkeley fucking Hunt he is.

Right only another 7 posts unless one of you lazy missing the point tossers wants to put it right.

Rule fucking Britannia!

Nominated by Anonymous

Victoria Wood

I must cunt that drab, dreary whimsicunt Victoria Wood, if only for her fucking flapping mouse hands.
Nominated by mrs dillbag

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand is a disloyal, traitorous cunt. He is not interested in being appointed the Captain of England, because he wants to concentrate on earning obscene amounts of money playing for his club.

That is why England fail to win major championships because greedy, lazy fuckers like him show no respect for their country. I think it is time to convict the entire England team of Treason.

Then we can put them in stocks to allow us to show our utter contempt for these overpaid cunts, by pissing on them. Meantime, Rio Ferdinand should be dragged through the streets so we can shit on him, just like he has shat on his country.

What a contemptible cunt he is.
Nominated by peter

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

English Football

English football supporters are under the ludicrous belief that their team should be at footballs top table when there is absolutely no fucking evidence to warrant this belief. Other than a home win in 1966 they have won fuck all of note before or since.

The true top table teams such as Brazil, Argemtina, Germany, Italy, France etc have won numerous world cups and european championships and thats the fucking difference.

To think otherwise makes you a deluded cunt and worthy of a good cunting on here. So it makes no difference which overated twat captains the team they will still be strictly second division. Overpaid cunts at that.
Nominated by Why English football needs a reality cunting

Chris Huhne [3]

Chris Huhne is a dirty lying cunt that even dragged his missus into his fucking evil web of lies !...

I hope the lying dirty bastard get's his just desserts when he goes in front of a jury....these fuckers are supposed to lead by example.....shoot the lot of them and let's make an' example of them and have a fresh start !!!
Nominated by EDDIE_F

Chris Huhne, MP for the cuntish town of Eastleigh (the abscess on the arse of the gorgeous county of Hampshire) is, indeed, a cunt. A shitehole of a town, perfect for a cunt called Chris. 

Seconded by Anonymous

Michael Barrymore [3]

Michael Barrymore is a bum-raping unfunny shit-stabbing killing bum-hole riding pervert Stuart Lubbock murdering gay-pool-party shithead cunt wanker tosser queer of the highest order.

It should be part of national service to drive a tank over his legs until his skull-pops open like a bag of peanuts. Then mince his body and feed it to his mother whilst kicking her cunt to a gory bloody mess for giving birth to such a closet bender shithead cunt.

Ahh I feel better now.
Nominated by Anonymous