Tuesday, 7 February 2012

English Football

English football supporters are under the ludicrous belief that their team should be at footballs top table when there is absolutely no fucking evidence to warrant this belief. Other than a home win in 1966 they have won fuck all of note before or since.

The true top table teams such as Brazil, Argemtina, Germany, Italy, France etc have won numerous world cups and european championships and thats the fucking difference.

To think otherwise makes you a deluded cunt and worthy of a good cunting on here. So it makes no difference which overated twat captains the team they will still be strictly second division. Overpaid cunts at that.
Nominated by Why English football needs a reality cunting

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  1. Corby the Northern Cunt10 February 2012 at 15:36

    absolutely in agreement. When that cunt Beckham and his cunt mates threatened to strike. I though "go one you bunch of never won fuck all arrogant poncey cunts...we'd be better using some cunts from the championship who'd at least give it a go and not play loke a bunch of total fuckwit cunts like English players have done during my entire lifetime and I'm a 40 year old cunt!!"