Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ed Miliband [3]

Ed "lunkhead" Miliband is an applying for a job that 
he never thought he'd get, 
getting it via the unions 
then not having a fucking clue not 
only on where he is but what the hell to do next

Nominated by HeadsonPoles

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor is a bingo advertising, irritating laugh, 
mutton dressed as lamb, act your age for fuck sake, 
annoying old cunt..

Nominated by RantinRab

Terry Kelly [5]

Nominated by Corrugated Soundbite

Charles Bean

Charles "Mr" Bean of the Bank of England is a 
quarter of a million quid a year, saver slagging, totally out of touch with reality, 
terminally stupid, and should be sacked cunt 

Nominated by Dioclese

Harriet Harman [8]

Harriet Harman is a "we shouldn't use the word cunt 
because it's derogatory towards women" cunt.

Nominated by Shob Gite

Seconded by HeadsonPoles

"...for not getting her tits out during the conference."

Bad Drivers

'Drivers' who don't know the rules about Yellow Box Junctions are 

Yellow Box Junction Cunts!

You know the one, the cunt who hovers at the edge of the box 

while indicating 'right'; not realising that unless he/she moves 
into the centre of the box and activates the sensor 
the lights won't 'know' he/she is there and so 
won't trigger the "right turn only >"
 light and we'll all be there till half past fucking midnight.

As you catch his/her timid eye in his rear view mirror 

the little wanker is thinking  "OOh no! You're not going to bully me
 just because you have an un-eco-friendly humveee,
 I am right and have the law on my side"

No it isn't you CUNT, YOU are committing the 

offence of OBSTRUCTION, ie Of ME!

No matter how many times you blare your horn at 

his/her unlawful behaviour the wanker sits there until the 
lights turn amber then skootles across (ILLEGALLY!) 
leaving me, and the five drivers behind, looking like, 
well, some sort of cunts, actually.

Nominated by banned

Carl Boulter

Carl Boulter is a sacked PCSO cunt 
who described his patch as a shithole

Nominated by Paul Goddard