Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ed Miliband [3]

Ed "lunkhead" Miliband is an applying for a job that 
he never thought he'd get, 
getting it via the unions 
then not having a fucking clue not 
only on where he is but what the hell to do next

Nominated by HeadsonPoles


  1. Plymouth Argyle captain Carl Fletcher, who stormed out of court after a judge told him he was not famous enough to avoid jury duty, is a nonentity, wannabe celebrity cunt.

  2. BBC presenter Charlie Stayt is a biased, left wing, red socialist, commie, rude, self opinionated cunt

  3. Nomination :

    Motorists in East Anglia are couldn't-drive-a-nail-into-wood, infuriating, no-fucking-idea-where-they-are-going, deaf, blind, stupid, incapable-of-parking, and s-o s-l-o-w they-would-be-late-for-their-own-fucking-funeral cunts.

    There. I feel much better now....

  4. ..oh... and did I mention that they are all ex bloudy teachers?

    Isn't that a Greek island? Where's the holiday brochure?...

  5. I nominate Sir Norman Wisdom for taking so fucking long to die, the unfunny cunt. The fact Albanians thought he was god on earth tells you an awful lot about the unfunny dead cunt.

  6. Franny Armstong is a smug hypocritical let-them-eat-cake elitist, bien-pensant Islington media-liberal, disconnected-from-joe-public's reality, ecomentalist cunt.
    And so is Richard Curtis... but perhaps slightly less so.
    Like that's a difficult decision to make.
    Get to it!
    Are you cunts sleeping on the job or something?

  7. In Fact, the entire totalitarian entourage of 10/10 twats need to be "Cunted", along with Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Gillian Anderson, The Guardian newspaper, and any other Global warming Stalinist entity known to mankind...

    Throw in the odious BBC for good measure too, as on a daily basis they're shown up as cunts.

  8. I suspect that the ...isacunt team are brewing up a stonker Cunting for the whole 1010 No Pressure cunt crue.