Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor is a bingo advertising, irritating laugh, 
mutton dressed as lamb, act your age for fuck sake, 
annoying old cunt..

Nominated by RantinRab


  1. You forgot;
    Sid James shagging cunt

  2. I've never forgiven Babs for the humiliation she caused me in 1970 when I was farmed off to an uncle and aunt for a week. Their sprog, my slightly older girly cousin (no, I never did), took me off to the local Odeon to see Carry On Up The
    Cumshot(starring said Babs) and the bitch receptionist would not let me in because it was an "AA" and she didn't believe I was 14 even though it had already been on the TV for FUCKS SAke!*!?

    I swore at her and my dear cous grassed me up to her mum, the cunt.