Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Carl Boulter

Carl Boulter is a sacked PCSO cunt 
who described his patch as a shithole

Nominated by Paul Goddard


  1. One less waste of Taxpayers money ..

    Bring on the rest of 'em ..

  2. From the Mails story I quite sympathise with him even though he is a career long statist power freak cunt (traffic warden, highways agency, PCSO).

    "Mr Boulter was also criticised by his bosses for joining a Facebook group which spoke out against Islamic extremists who planned to disrupt a homecoming parade in Wootton Basset"
    So no rights of freedom of opinion or expression for state workers now?

    They also accused him of being drunk on duty after he posted a message on his profile saying he was enjoying a 'glass of scotch' in bed.
    How the fuck can he be on duty and in bed? Sounds like the cunt needs a better lawyer.