Sunday, 1 May 2011

Al Gore [3]

Al Gore is a lying, multiple mansion owning, Convenient bullshit peddling, the sky is falling, ten cheese burger eating, Damian Thorn incarnate, belching fat carbon footprint cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous

Adrian Chiles [2]

Adrian Chiles is a moon faced irritating arse licking black country cunt who is a lot more cuntish than his twin brother Ray Mears

Nominated by phil

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone is a turd who has worked very hard to endorse his reputation as a universal cunt

Nominated by hellosnackbar

Catherine Zeta Jones [2]

Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas is a miserable moaning super cunt who is only happy when she's filling our ears with minding numbing bollocks about how fucking rich she is and how a million is fuck all to her, the total bitch whore of a cunt

Nominated by Anonymous*

Oi, you cunt. Pay attention to Rule#1
A chance to post some totty was the only reason this got through
Next time make up a name or something.

Eddie Mair

Eddie Mair is a fucking dumbing down, arsewipe BBC cunt with his soft cuntish scottish attitude. What a cunting patronising turnoff. Bring back the serious cunts with real intellectual ability.

Nominated by brendan

Prince William

Prince William is a buck-toothed balding, in-bred looking royal cunt. He is already primed to be the biggest ever over-hyped-cunt of 2011. What a cunt.

Nominated by mabus