Sunday, 1 May 2011

Al Gore [3]

Al Gore is a lying, multiple mansion owning, Convenient bullshit peddling, the sky is falling, ten cheese burger eating, Damian Thorn incarnate, belching fat carbon footprint cunt.

Nominated by Anonymous


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  2. ^deleted for insufficient cuntness^

    Al Gore is an money grubbing outed cunt for anyone with half a brain which obviously excludes Charles, Prince of Shit For Brains.

    Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi is a dead Gaddafi Cunt, one down, six to go but isacunt beware.

    "They’ve been publishing a file photo of him to accompany the articles on his death. Unfortunately, the photo isn’t of him-- it’s of older brother Saadi Gaddafi, at a disco in Germany. Yet a Google Images search of Saif Al-Arab will turn up Saadi’s photo again and again, Saif Al-Arab’s name captioned beneath them."


  3. Kerry Katona is a smelly cunt. Surprised she is not on this??