Friday, 16 April 2010

Stephen Pound

Stephen Pound is an ugly, Mr Punch lookalike,
lying, hypocritical, Brown cock-sucking, talentless cunt.

Nominated by Sambo

Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil, for the roasting he gave Devil's Kitchen,
is a cunt.

although counter-cunted...

Devil's Kitchen, for being a 
surrender monkeying prick of a cunt.
Thanks matey, for a Fanfare for the Common Man.

Nominated by Brickbat, seconded by Fidothedog

J K Rowling [2]

J K Rowling, author of Harry Potter and other wizard books,
is a bad memory bleating cunt.

Nominated by Uncle Marvo

Baroness Scotland [3]

Baroness Scotland is still an above the law cunt

Nominated by Captain Haddock