Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand is a disloyal, traitorous cunt. He is not interested in being appointed the Captain of England, because he wants to concentrate on earning obscene amounts of money playing for his club.

That is why England fail to win major championships because greedy, lazy fuckers like him show no respect for their country. I think it is time to convict the entire England team of Treason.

Then we can put them in stocks to allow us to show our utter contempt for these overpaid cunts, by pissing on them. Meantime, Rio Ferdinand should be dragged through the streets so we can shit on him, just like he has shat on his country.

What a contemptible cunt he is.
Nominated by peter


  1. To be fair not being English I don't see how he can be a traitor but the rest of your cunting is sound.

  2. Rio Ferdinand is obsessed with racism, yet the only thing he tweets about are black films, black music, and basically just all black stuff. Has he looked in the mirror? To most folk who didn't know him, he'd be just a funny looking white guy.

    I think he is a cunt for various reasons, but most of all for being an ignorant racist cunt who is disrespectful to his white relatives by pretending to be black and ignoring his mostly white heritage all the time.

  3. Yes Rio you are a total cunt. Fuck off out of football and disappear under a rock you pricking cunt fuck pig

  4. A loathsome man. Serially unfaithful to his wife, but rabidly in favour of gagging the press whenever he spit-roasts some dumb bint after footie players' cocks.