Monday, 12 September 2011

Robbie Savage

Robbie cunting Savage reckons his hair and his teeth are the 2 most important things in his life. What a narcissistic cunt. Well Savage you sad, deluded, thick bastard of a cunt, your teeth look like a cheap pair of granny's dentures and you look like a bitch from behind. Get off my fucking telly you ugly, thick, cunt. Go on get away to fuck, Cunt!!

Nominated by Peter


  1. Just that picture of the cunt is enough to make me angry! Tough luck Savage, we all know you want to suck Beckham's fucking tool you plank wannabe.

  2. Methinks you've been watching too much Strictly Come Dancing. I know Robbie personally and he's not in the least bit arrogant. Now why don't you fuck off and find something else to do with your time. Like, perhaps, get a job.

  3. Methinks you are a cunt anonymous.He is a cunt and so are all your other friends, if you have any?

  4. He's actually worse at punditry than he was at football.

  5. From HurlingDervish

    Anonymous, clearly you have the vision of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles put together.
    Savage is clearly a narcissist of Beckham like proportions. If he were to look into the mirror of Ariseth or whatever it was in that Potter film, he would see himself, giving himself a fuckin' blowjob.
    The cunt has no time even for his own family. What a cunt you have shown yourself to be Anonymous by riding Savages plonker, now fuck OFF!!!