Monday, 12 September 2011

Martin McCann

Martin McCann is a cybersquatting dickhead of a cunt who attempted to exploit a death, a grieving family, a charity, and those who have tried to donate to that charity, in order that he might benefit.
Nominated by Brian Daft


  1. Fair play to him thinks I; I've already got, and

  2. Silvio Berlusconi is NOT a cunt.
    He is a fucking hero....
    His Bunga Bunga parties are the stuff of legend.
    But best of all he called Angela Merkel "An un-fuckable lard arse"

    Silvio you are "the Anti Cunt" a fucking hero..........

  3. Roary James Weal ............. Is a wee 16 year old clueless lying labour cock sucking cunt who makes up his own history to give himself an air of being 1 of the people. A cunt who hates elitist education despite the fact he was at private school and then went to 1 of England last grammar schools. A fabian cunt who's father has a cool 2.25 million in the bank.
    Total CUNT

  4. Sorry Rory James Weal ........ yes the cunt that did the speech at the labour conf ............ cunt !

  5. Colin the Cuntspotter29 September 2011 at 10:33

    Yeah, I'll second the motion for little 'Red Rory' of Labour conference fame.
    I'd also like to nominate a certain Anthony Richardson, the wannabe trendy TV presenter, for being a violence-against-women-condoning, free-speech hating, diversity-detesting, mysoginistic twat of a cunt.

  6. Colin, I was just about to Cunt your Cunt but then I realised...I have no fucking idea who he is. A bit of searching didn't turn up anything obvious.

    Has anyone got a link to what kicked off this nomination please?