Friday, 12 August 2011

Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn "I am not a Fat Bastard" Holmes is a well fat,egotistical,smug, Irish Cunt. "The riots are only in England not Britain" That right eh? paddy bastard, I suppose all the grief from Ireland never happened then? Total fucking wanker



  1. From:= Ashtrayhead.

    May I re-cunt Eamonn Holmes on the evidence available from this photograph which shows him to be a bottom scratching, finger sniffing cunt.

  2. I fucking hate this smug judgemental cunt. I threw my tv away so I never have to see his cunting fucking face again. Cunt.

  3. People are being harsh on Eamonn, he's not just a cunt.
    He's also famous for being a greedy fat twat and a rag arsehole.
    Fair play to the big fat cunt though. Not many people as fat, useless and talentless as him manage to make a career in TV.

    Except perhaps Jade Goody, but she's no longer polluting our screens, thank fuck.

  4. From HurlingDervish.
    A bit harsh, but of all the accusations you could level at Eamonn is that he is a fat overweight fucking ice cream thief, full time pie eater, fridge raider and an badger hunter AT THE SAME TIME, as an excuse for a cunt of a human being he makes a normal cunt look positively saint like. Truly a cunt arsehole of the world if ever there was one. The cunt can't even spell his name properly!

  5. You could make cheese with the smarm that oozes from that fat smug cunt'le. He's sat on too many fucking fat sofas for too long, he obviously thinks he's some sort of telly icon and has the mistaken belief that we value his fat opinions. What a tit.

  6. I saw him eating ice cream with dog shit all over his left shoe. Ha ha!

  7. Barack and Frankie are 24 carat cunts, with class.
    A hidden element of cuntitude which is deep rooted in ensuring that if a task is at hand th en let no cunt get in my way.
    Cameron is a tory with a mission, Britain is essentially fucked, but hey a second election, he's done his piece and can retire to the South Of France with his clued up wife, raise the family in peace and ensure Britain is fucked from a French perpective.
    The other individual, don't know h er, couldn't possibluy comment.