Friday, 20 August 2010

Billy Connolly

"Big Yin" aka Billy Connolly is to be given the freedom of the city of Glasgow. 
I'd rather he was given a kick in the cunt by every citizen of Glasgow, 
one after the other, till he bleeds and dies, the unfunny patronising cunt.

Nominated by Blind Pugh


  1. Nomination :

    Dr Alison Fraser, Chief Executive of Sandwell Metropolitan Council, is an educated but unintelligent, nit-picking, little old lady bashing, not up to the job cunt

    Sometimes even I have to stand up and be counted - see

  2. James Naughtie and Evan "Tinseltits" Davis of Radio 4's Today programme are a pair of whining, Labour-raddled, can't get over the fact that Labour lost the election and that people actually think that the coalition might be alright, smug cunts.

  3. Ban Ki Moon is a twat of a UN-paid quangocrat, whining that the world isn't doing enough to help the space-raced, nuclear-armed, £64 million better-off thanks to the UK Government Pakistanis, when the Pakistanis are intent on killing every fucker in the western world, up-on-his-soapbox, not of the real world cunt.

  4. Film director James Cameron is a hypocritical Cunt. He sets up a debate on "Climate Change" kept changing the rules, and then cancels at the last minute.

    This twat says “I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads.”

    Until he realises he will loose...

    Another Cunt like Al Gore.

  5. PCSO's, each and every one of them is a pretend police officer, you can't film me, argue with me, photograph me as I make the fucking law up as I go along, spend all day fucking about, quote the fucking rules and piss the public off uber fucking cunt.

    Scrap the lot of them, the cunts.

  6. Stephen Nolan is a fat ugly say what his BBC bosses want media whore screw the taxpayer cunt of cunts!!

  7. Guido Fawkes/Paul 'shit' Staines, is a now a truly boring establishment cunt.

  8. Nomination(s) ..

    Two for the price of one here ..

    Wendy Lewis & Frank McKenzie ..

    A pair of complete cunts who serve only to strengthen the argument for eugenics ..

  9. Oh yes indeed, Connolly is a right up himself, nowhere near as amusing as he thinks he is, flouncing luvvie cunt - one of the earlier ones of a long line of such cunts.