Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond (EX PCS President) is a lying two faced snidy fucking cunt. Useless tosser with a fucktarded haircut, total cunt.
So is his sidekick Sue (FatMong)Kendal, a right cunty old fucking boiler cunt

Nominated by Harry The Bastard


  1. He is indeed a proper Cunt who has been known to wank himself into a coma. Now employed as a weekend trolley collector at Lidls.

  2. Its the Forest Gump spastic haircut that makes me laugh, that and the gormless expression. Pointy chinned cunt.

  3. I saw the MongFaced twat covered in vomit, sitting in a pool of piss outside a Hotel after the PCS Conference. Fucking delusional sad cunt.