Saturday, 1 May 2010

Gordon Brown [7]

Gordon Brown is a pensioner harrassing, two-faced, vindictive, childish, pill-popping, psychopathic prime minister of a cunt, who has just been cunted with his own cuntishness.
Nominated by Dr. Cunt

The Cunt du Jour HAS to be the one-eyed wonk
who called a pensioner "bigoted".
Brown - what a weapons grade cunt. 


  1. Yemi Sawyerr, a Challenge Jackpot late night crap TV, annoying, dive for the fucking remote and get this grinning twat off the telly box as fast as possible cunt, the cunt.

  2. Gordon Brown and his cunt party are about to get cunted by 75% of the whole adult fucking population.

  3. How about :

    "Anyone who votes Labour on 6th May must be a cunt"

  4. I hate Brown the gotch eyed jockfaced cunt. I et evertime he gos for a shit he shits out one of mangledbums wristwatches theticktockingarsed cuntbag