Sunday, 5 July 2009

Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr is a jug eared cunt.

Nominated by Warsteiner


  1. I really hate this ugly fucking cunt. He is the cuntiest cunt that ever roamed the cunting land.

    wv: amarrisacunt

    I kid you not!

  2. I hate this big eared lefty cunt, in silhouette he looks like the FA Cup
    he looks like an anorexic ive become a follower of is a cunt so pls add me as a fellow cunt nominator my blog is Dessie was my best Mate ta

  3. The bailiff featured on the exposure programne.the one with the specs and tash.He was on the nonces wing in strangeways in 2004 on a ten year stretch a real danger to children .No name still a prison warder.Watch your kids if this cunt comes to your door.